Master classes are the priceless advantage of the master’s degree program “Applied Systems Engineering”. Classes are conducted by the leading experts of Russian and international high-tech companies. Our students perfect cultural, social, personal and professional skills in the art of public speaking, preparing reports and presentations, management of innovation processes in large companies, etc.

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The Boeing Design Center (BDC) in Moscow is the largest design center Boeing for computer-aided design of aerospace structures in Eastern Europe. Initially only 12 engineers from Ilyushin Design Bureau worked there.

Today there are over 1200 engineers in the Boeing Design Center – the staff of the leading Russian design offices and engineering service companies, also there are more than 200 regular employees work for BDC.

During the first training module of the program “Applied Systems Engineering” the President of Boeing in Russia S.Kravchenko and his assistants introduce students to the staff of the Design Center, its history and projects.


Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant (LEMZ) – a special separate division of NPO Almaz specializes in the development and production of radar complexes and control systems of different functions. The CEO of the LEMZ Gennadiy Benderskiy personally tells about the company, emphasizing on the production quality management, international cooperation experience, special and civilian industry products. During company-visit The HSSE MIPT students get to know about the foundation and the development of the enterprise, its participation in the implementation of several important national programs, learned about all kinds of industry branches necessary for the manufacturing of complex systems components.


In the Skolkovo Innovation Center the President of the “Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology” Professor Edward F. Crawley delivered a lecture about the Systems Thinking on October 13, 2014 Using basic examples he explained how it can help to generate new consumer quality and to predict the emergence of new trends in technologies.


The HSSE MIPT students take part in master classes led by Boston Consulting Group experts (BCG). Classes are aimed to improve creating presentations skills: development and design of presentations, usage of text elements, performing information. Interesting workshops, large number of questions and productive dialogues upgrade the quality of research results presentation.


Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.Е. Zhukovsky ” is the world’s largest aviation science center. For the first time in world practice the institute has combined fundamental scientific research, applied research, design, production and testing of experimental aircraft.

During the tour the students get acquainted with the work of a static testing laboratory, a resource durability laboratory, observe the testing process of large structures, visit dynamics laboratory and flight control systems laboratory. They have the opportunity to sit at the helm of the aircraft in the flight test laboratory and see with their own eyes the aerodynamic subsonic tube T -101, which allows a wide range of tests and research in the field of aerodynamics. Also, specialists visit the exposition of the History Museum of Russian aviation science center – TsAGI.

Lasers and Tools

The group of companies “Lasers and Tools” has been developing and serially manufacturing equipment for laser processing of materials since 1995. It operates across the entire spectrum of the main industrial applications of laser technology and supplies equipment for laser micro-processing, marking and engraving, welding, cutting, fitting resistors, laser additive technologies.

Technical Director of the Research and Production Center “Lasers and Tools”, Mikhail Mylenky, acquaints the guests with the technical and economic aspects of laser additive technologies. Director of the Research Institute ESTO Dmitry Saprykin tells participants about the innovative role of laser technology in modern electronics and instrument-making. During the excursion, the students are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of 3D printing machines and technology of precision and five-axis laser processing.


Joint Stock Company Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” is the first Russian manufacturer of aviation equipment, uniting specialized organizations within the framework of a single legal structure that provide all elements of the life cycle of aircraft production – from concept development, sketch and detailed design, building prototypes and testing them to mass production and technical support in the operation process, as well as training of flight and engineering staff.

As part of the tour students learn the practical aspects of system engineering using an example of development and use of the most complex integrated management systems. They have a unique opportunity to get familiar with a full-size stand of control systems that reproduce the MiG-29K aircraft system and simulate the aircraft landing on a ship. Also, during the tour, students visit the expositions of the Central Museum of the RSK MiG.


Company Rostselmash is an international leader, star manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Russia, the company of the total-cycle production of quality products, including engineering design. During company visit Rostselmash representative Vitaly Verkhoshansky and the heads of manufacturing departments show to the HSSE MIPT students metal cutting, fur processing, manufactures of machinery assembly production and equipment for successful agribusiness from soil preparation and planting to harvesting and processing the crop. The students are demonstrated he electronic document management system organization and storage activities, automation of the central logistics complex work, acquainted with the quality management system, principles and tools of lean production used at the enterprise.


At the master-class CEO Eugene Chanyshev CEO “ITprotect” (professional services in the field of an information security audit) tells HSSE MIPT students about data protection, cryptography and free software.


The SAP guest speakers conduct master classes for the students of HSSE MIPT. The master classes cover such topics as the digital economy, the economy of services, goods, the creation of digital and intellectual product, using examples from the practice of Russian industrial companies.

Yota Devices

Yota Devices – Russian international company, dedicated to development and producing high-tech consumer LTE electronics such as smartphones, modems and routers. From the speech of Yota CEO Vladislav Martynov students learn about the current smartphone market state, trends in cellular industry.

CJSC “Hamilton Standard – Nauka”

CJSC “Hamilton Standard – Nauka” is a leader in design and production aviation air heat exchanger, united Russian-American enterprise supplying high technology production for airplanes of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturing companies. During company-visit students visit the manufacturing department in Tver region, Kimry town. Acquaintance with the enterprise starts with the lecture of the general director Chichelov Roman, who talks about the company’s development strategy and the experience of implementing the programs to improve the operating efficiency. After the theoretical part the guys see the most interesting – manufacturing shop with the layout for each section equipped with modern equipment and quality management system. During the long excursion around the factory the students are demonstrated the complete production cycle of aviation air heat exchangers, whose main purchasers are such companies as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, etc.


The master class on Technological Agile workshop of Oleg Zamyshlyayev allows participants to evaluate the advantages of the Agile approach, which is widely used in IT field, also for production objectives. The master class provides an opportunity to experience and explore the approach in practice, namely in the business simulation form. Thanks to this simulation exercise, with direct participation in solving case studies, development planning and teamwork, students better understand and master a new approach in order to apply it at their enterprises. The workshop trainers also answer numerous questions from students.