Theory and methodology of decision-making, Doctor of Technical Sciences


1974 – Graduated from Moscow State University, faculty: mechanical and mathematical, specialty – Mechanics.

1981 – Defended the PhD thesis: Institute of Control Sciences. V.A. Trapeznikova RAS.

1994 – Defended the Doctor of Technical Sciences thesis: Institute of Control Sciences of RAS.

Fuad Aleskerov is one of the founders of the modern theory of choice, which is the foundation of such disciplines as decision theory, economics, psychology. He studied and generalized the models of interval choice, which were first considered by Norbert Wiener, models of collective choice, generalizing classical works that were studied by K. Errow, A. Sen, and E. Maskin.

Worked as a visiting professor at many universities in Europe and the USA, in particular at the California University of Technology (1992, 1994-1995, Pasadena, USA), at the Bosphorus University (1995-2001, Istanbul, Turkey), in University of Paris 1 (2002, Paris, France), University of Turku (2004, Turku, Finland), International Center for Economic Research (2006, 2007, Turin, Italy), University of Kiel (2008) , Germany).

Fuad Aleskerov delivered guest lectures at more than 30 universities, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Maryland, Rice University, La Sapienza, European University Institute, London School of Economics, etc.